pocuh and purse

The Epipen-Pal is made of strong durable fabric. Each pouch comes with an expandable and detachable strap enabling the pouch to be worn;

- clipped to a belt loop or knapsack,
- across the waist
- across the shoulder

The Epipen-Pal will hold two injectors or a twin injector. There is an identification tag inside each Epipen-Pal which provides critical information in the event of loss or emergency.

Diva Pouch (Item #001)
diva pouch
Butterfly Pouch (Item # 004)
butterfly pouch
Skater Pouch (Item # 002)
skater pouch
Plain Pouch (Item # 005)
plain pouch
Sold Out
Web Pouch (Item # 003)
web pouch

Worth Noting; Shipping within Canada and the US just $6.00. Your pouch will arrive within 6 - 12 business days

Three different ways of kids wearing pouch
kids pouch expandable and detachable strap kids purse
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